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Gift Certificates
Send a friend, family member, or a co-worker a nifty gift certificate for a Chocwasabi item!

As we continue to add items to our product line, it might not be an easy choice to select a favorite for the lucky recipient, so a gift certificate will let them pick the tasty treat they would love the most.

How it works:

Enter the amount you would like to give to the lucky recipient, their name, email, and your message below. We will send the gift certificate directly to them by email, or have the gift certificate emailed to you so you can print it out and give it to them in person or by snail mail with a card perhaps. If you want the gift certificate sent to you, please add "Send To Me" in the message area.

You or the recipient will receive an email with the gift code shortly after you place the order. If you only order a gift certificate and no other items, you will still be asked to select a shipping address at checkout. The certificate will be emailed so just select 'same as billing'.

Gift Certificate Amount

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